May 2017

Exposure to microorganisms occurs at three critical points in the life cycle of every aqueous product, including disinfectants and personal care products: First from raw ingredients, second during manufacturing, and finally during consumer use.

Contamination from manufacturing can be very problematic for companies and is difficult to trace. The following are common sources of microbial contamination that are wise to check when troubleshooting contamination.

  • Water – water should be checked regularly for bacteria and fungi. Purified water systems are notorious for microbial contamination, most commonly Pseudomonas and Burkholderia species.
  • Transfer pumps – pumps are difficult to clean and dry thoroughly, so they often harbor water-loving bacteria and fungi.
  • Filling heads and hoses – like pumps, hoses are difficult to sanitize and often retain water and diluted product, the perfect combination for microbial proliferation.

HAPPI recently published an excellent article for those interested in learning more about the subject.