June 2022

I started Microchem, then called Antimicrobial Test Labs, in 2006 out of a desire to make a different kind of contract lab. \

I wanted a lab that ran less like an assembly line and more like an R&D workshop, where valuable scientific information from studies was promptly and regularly shared and discussed with clients.

15 years on, clients love our business model, our flexibility, and our true partner-like approach to their testing. Microchem now employs more than 50 people and provides industry-leading specialized service across a variety of industries. Most importantly, our culture, our people, and our sense of internal harmony have never been better.

At this juncture, virtually all scientist founders/owners sell their labs to conglomerates or private equity firms. When that happens, labs risk seeing their scientific interests overshadowed by financial performance metrics. That’s not the plan for Microchem. I believe in what we do and can’t imagine myself doing something else. Microbiology and testing in support of product development has always been my passion.

My plan – our plan as a company – is to take Microchem to the next level. It’s something we’ve been laying the groundwork for, quietly, for a long time now.  In January of 2023, we’ll have big news to share and our vision for the future will be plain for all to see.

In the meantime, my goal is to drive the harmony of our staff and clients while continuing to grow and develop our business. We’ll keep developing top-notch analysts, we’ll stay responsive, we’ll stay flexible, and we’ll keep doing the work our motto requires: Science for Good.

– Benjamin Tanner, Ph.D.