June 2022

Microchem performs Science for Good, and good science starts with great scientists.

When conducting tests, our analysts must consider a range of functional and technical aspects of the product, while also understanding the test method at hand and the goals of our clients.

Below, four members of Microchem share examples of times they have gone beyond our clients’ expectations and why they enjoy their work.

“Personally, I find gratification when a client comes with a custom test, and we can simulate how they envision the device being used in our laboratory environment. Through collaboration with my teammates and the clients, we can create a mock setup with dimensions and characteristics like real-world use. This helps to assure the client that the testing we perform here is indicative of how their device will perform for their customers.” – Kyra, Custom Devices Analyst
“Through numerous internal bioaerosol studies, I have been able to identify the best way to prepare raw cultures and inocula in order to achieve optimal microbial concentrations inside of our various aerosol test chambers. This information is now readily available for others here at Microchem so that bioaerosol tests are much more streamlined.”  – Sam, Technical Trainer
“When our Virology Team ran into an unexpected challenge with culture preparation, we shifted staffing schedules, pulled resources from other areas, and requested assistance from other teams to ensure we were able to meet the original agreed-upon timelines so there was no detriment or delay to the client. This also allowed us to put a plan in place going forward if we had another similar unexpected occurrence.” – Andrea, Virology Analyst
“Our Cosmetics Team consistently works on tight timelines. If a critical control fails for a 28-day study, we often have to troubleshoot and find other suitable study parameters within a fast timeline, otherwise, we would have to restart or delay the month-long study. Our team also consistently innovates ways to work with unusual test substances, such as shampoo and conditioner bars, mouth guards, makeup wipes, fishing lures, bath bombs, etc.” – Bre, Cosmetic Analyst