March 2022

ISSA – The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association declared this week, March 27th – April 2, 2022, as National Cleaning Week.

National Cleaning Week is dedicated to celebrating cleanliness, raising cleaning awareness, and honoring industry professionals that dedicate their time to keeping areas safe and sanitary.

ISSA is also promoting the Value of Clean: a series of tools that demonstrate the necessity for cleaning and its impact on public safety.

Environmental surfaces can be home to all kinds of microbes, leaving industry processes vulnerable, as well as employees, students, and patients. Despite the importance of cleaning, time spent on the activity varies widely. A national survey performed by the American Cleaning Institute found that 26% of Americans spend 7 hours cleaning a week on average, while 10% reported cleaning less than 1 hour a week. National Cleaning Week aims to bring awareness to the importance of proper cleaning and in return, increase the health of our friends and loved ones.

Microchem Laboratory conducts several kinds of cleaning studies. Whether your company wants to measure mechanical removal of microbes by microfiber, create marketing materials using fluorescent soil markers, or validate a cleaning procedure for a medical device, we can help.