Hannah Klug, M.S.

Hannah Klug, M.S.

Team Lead

From Brighton, Michigan, Hannah Klug has made her way down to Austin, Texas as Microchem’s Medical Device Efficacy Testing Team Lead. Hannah holds a Bachelor of Science in Microscopy from Central Michigan University and a Master of Science in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of North Texas.

Being with Microchem for over a year, Hannah is the Team Lead for the Medical Device Efficacy Team, where they perform testing on medical devices that are meant to be antimicrobial on and in humans. Products they test for include hand sanitizer, antimicrobial soaps, mouthwashes, wound dressings, IV devices, catheters, and custom medical devices. Hannah has a vast scientific background and leads her team with utmost integrity.

Hannah, what does ‘Science for Good’ mean to you?

“To me, Science for Good is not only a set of standards in how we conduct research but, how said research should work towards bettering ourselves and our communities. As scientists, it is important to always ensure that the work that we perform is following established rules and guidelines all they while maintaining a high degree of ethics. While the work itself is important, it is equally important to understand the knowledge gained from that research and how it can be used to help others.”