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Antimicrobial chemicals, devices, and products are evolving at a rapid pace. Well-designed, customized test methods serve to evaluate unique product attributes and capabilities, and substantiate bold new claims in the marketplace.

Before companies seek EPA or FDA registration of an antimicrobial product, they often spend years conducting research and development. During the R&D phase, many companies find they need highly customized studies that still use standard methods or techniques. This may be needed because of the unique nature of their product or device. Microchem is a trusted and valuable partner to companies as they develop and refine their technologies.

Microchem laboratory scientists are subject matter experts and are able to customize test methods to fit a customer’s needs while maintaining adherence to the standards of those methods. With this range of customization, customers seeking modification can rest assured their product is in the right hands. Here are some of our previous case studies that demonstrate our range of customization.

During the research and development phase, companies frequently make use of the following methods:

Project consultation is always free at Microchem.  If your company is interested in testing a new antimicrobial technology, a scientist will be happy to speak with you.   Simply call the lab to discuss whether or not a customized study may be beneficial to your company.


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