Antimicrobial Surface Testing

This page describes the lab's services related to testing antimicrobial surfaces and fabrics. Visit the disinfectant testing or virucidal efficacy testing section to find information on testing services for liquid antimicrobials. If the test you need appears below or is similar to those listed, please contact the laboratory or get a same-day price quote.

Antimicrobial Hard Surface Efficacy Tests for Bacteria
Antimicrobial Hard Surface Tests for Mildew and Fungi
  • ASTM D3273 (Resistance to Mold on the Surface of Interior Coatings in an Environmental Chamber)
  • ASTM E1428 (Standard Test Method for Evaluating the Performance of Antimicrobials in or on Polymeric Solids Against Staining by Streptoverticillium reticulum)
  • ASTM G21 (Determining Resistance of Synthetic Polymeric Materials to Fungi)
Antimicrobial Hard Surface Tests - Algae
Antimicrobial Hard Surface Tests - Viruses
  • JIS Z 2801, Modified for Viruses
  • ISO 22196, Modified for Viruses
Custom Antimicrobial Product Efficacy Tests
  • There are myriad antimicrobial products under development, and they don't always "fit in the box" with respect to standard test methods. Often, custom tests are the most appropriate way to test the antimicrobial activity of a product.
  • Custom "Real-Life" Microbial Challenge Studies
  • Custom Modifications to Standard Antimicrobial Test Methods
  • Custom "Worst-Case" Antimicrobial Activity Testing
  • Custom "Best-Case" Antimicrobial Activity Testing
  • Antimicrobial Technology Screening

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Note: "GLP" stands for Good Laboratory Practices, and refers to governmental requirements for laboratories that submit data to EPA or FDA.