About Us

With Microchem, innovative companies Collaborate. Test. Succeed.

Microchem Laboratory specializes in the testing of disinfectants, sanitizers, antimicrobial devices, medical devices, and personal care products. It also supports companies with routine environmental monitoring and microbial identification.

Who We Are

Microchem Laboratory is located in the greater Austin, Texas area. It is owned and operated by microbiologist Dr. Benjamin Tanner. The core of the company was founded by Dr. Tanner as Antimicrobial Test Laboratories in 2006. Antimicrobial Test Laboratories was later combined with a niche cosmetic testing lab and Microchem Laboratory, founded in 1988 by Dr. Norman Miner. The combined labs have operated under one roof as Microchem Laboratory since 2016. Microchem Laboratory is ISO 17025 accredited and offers testing in compliance with current Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) regulations as stipulated by EPA and FDA. Clients are always welcome to tour the lab, observe studies, and audit the lab’s quality systems.

The lab is staffed by a capable, friendly group of scientists, mostly microbiologists. We understand what our clients need: Fairly priced tests, conducted precisely and reported quickly.

Main Testing Services:

  • Disinfectant and high-level disinfectant Testing
  • Antimicrobial device testing
  • High-level disinfectant testing
  • Sanitizer testing
  • Cosmetic and personal care product testing
  • Medical device testing
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Microbial Isolation and Identification
  • Materials compatibility testing

Our History

  • Microchem Labs Austin, Texas
  • Antimicrobial Test Labs and Cosmetic Test Labs Join Forces with Microchem Laboratory