Microchem helps companies innovate and succeed with testing.

Microchem Laboratory specializes in the testing of disinfectants, sanitizers, antimicrobial devices, medical devices, personal care products, and dietary supplements. It also supports companies with a variety of process validations and microbial monitoring of critical environments.

History of Microchem Laboratory

Microchem Laboratory is located in the greater Austin, Texas area. It is owned and operated by microbiologist Dr. Benjamin Tanner. The core of the company was founded by Dr. Tanner as Antimicrobial Test Laboratories in 2006. This business was later combined with a small cosmetic testing lab and Microchem Laboratory, Inc., founded in 1988 by Dr. Norman Miner. The combined labs have operated under one roof as Microchem Laboratory since 2016. Microchem Laboratory is ISO 17025 accredited, GLP and GMP-compliant, and federally audited. Clients are always welcome to tour the lab, observe studies, and audit the lab’s quality systems.

The lab is staffed by a capable, friendly group of scientists, mostly microbiologists. We understand what our clients need: Fairly priced tests, conducted precisely and reported quickly.

What Sets Us Apart

1) Microchem’s unique personnel structure enables seamless interaction between our clients and the Analysts conducting their studies. The result is testing that feels like a natural extension of your own company.

2) Microchem is one of the only founder-operated, microbiologist-operated commercial testing labs of appreciable size remaining. Almost all other labs like us are now owned by giant corporations. Our focus is Science for Good™, not maximization of corporate profits.

3) Microchem has a culture of integrity. If problems arise we work with you as a partner, whether the issue is on your end or ours.

4) Microchem conducts large, complex studies better than any other lab. We deliver R&D insights that move the needle for our clients and maintain momentum from start to finish.

5) Consultation is free. We’re experts in our domain and always glad to help, even if testing might not come for months or years. Contact us to experience Microchem for yourself.



Dr. Norman Miner founds Microchem Laboratory near Dallas, Texas.


Dr. Miner discovers and refines the formulation that would later become known as Aldahol, a highly effective cold-sterilant and high-level disinfectant for medical devices (U.S. Patent 5,863,547).


Dr. Benjamin Tanner founds Antimicrobial Test Laboratories, LLC in Pleasanton, California with the goal of improving contract antimicrobial testing by reducing barriers between clients and their tests.


Dr. Benjamin Tanner, founder of Antimicrobial Test Laboratories, acquires most assets of Microchem Laboratory Inc., begins operation as Microchem Laboratory, LLC.


Microchem Laboratory moves to a larger, custom-built testing facility near Austin, Texas in a suburb called Round Rock.


In 2016 Microchem Laboratory joins forces with Antimicrobial Test Laboratories, founded by Dr. Tanner in 2006 and Cosmetic Test Labs, founded by Dr. Tanner in 2012. The combined labs operate under the Microchem Laboratory name, offering a broad array of well-developed testing services.


Microchem grows during the Sars-CoV-2 pandemic and enhances operations


Microchem and its staff celebrate the grand opening of a new 46,110 sq ft facility.