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I have used Microchem’s services since 2005 when Dr. Miner was involved. In my opinion the lab has only gotten better over time. I would recommend Microchem to any company developing an antimicrobial.

BDT, Private Company

Microchem’s background and knowledge in high level disinfectant testing guided me through the confusing world of efficacy testing. Their staff was knowledgeable and incredibly communicative throughout my testing to keep me up to date with data and reports.

N.G., Product Developer

Recently our organization kicked off a new program where we needed significant support with material compatibility testing. Ben and his team worked closely with us to develop test methods for a wide variety of materials and as we learned more, Microchem helped us optimize our protocols. The reports are always well written, with meticulous attention to detail and if I ever have a question, they are extremely responsive. Our partnership with Microchem has been a huge enabler for us.

K.L., Group Manager

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