Vital Solutions, Inc, is a West Palm Beach, Florida based company committed to improving lives by reducing the burden of infectious disease in homes and healthcare.

As they put it, “Our disinfectant helps safeguard homes, schools, hospitals, jails, cruise ships, and other community environments from harmful bacteria and environmental toxins […] and also help fight allergens, bacteria, mal-odors, mold, mildew, and viruses.”

Vital Solutions was founded by James Burnett as an offshoot of the well-known anti-allergen company, The Ecology Works. James is an environmentally conscious individual, so naturally Vital Solutions is committed to environmentally preferable products.



In 2009, Vital Solutions received initial EPA registration of its flagship product, Vital Oxide. Vital Oxide is a chlorine dioxide-based formulation that offers excellent broad-spectrum disinfection, delivered by a formula that is fragrance free, dye free, and cleans well with minimum filming or streaking.  To boot, it has an excellent toxicological profile.

Like many companies entering the disinfectant marketplace, Vital Solutions sought a Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) compliant independent testing facility to help build and strengthen the product label with additional microorganisms relevant to their customer base.

In the United States, every microbial “kill claim” must be substantiated by GLP laboratory testing, which is then submitted to the US EPA for review and approval.  In addition to reviewing data for individual microorganisms, EPA reviews use sites.  To allow a hospital use site on a product label, EPA requires that efficacy be demonstrated against the naturally germicide-resistant pathogen, Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

After achieving their initial registration, Vital Solutions worked with Microchem Laboratory to conduct the series of studies required to support hospital use sites. The studies were a resounding success and were approved by EPA in short order.

Microchem Laboratory prides itself on its ability to recognize and provide support to truly innovative and functional antimicrobial products.  For Vital Oxide, that meant challenging the product in a further series of GLP studies to build a more compelling, competitive product label.  Vital Oxide has been tested against viruses and a host of other tough pathogens. Testament to the power of the product, it passed all studies and now bears many widely sought-after label claims.




In the process of testing the Vital Oxide disinfectant, Microchem Laboratory gained an appreciation for this unique formulation. Specifically, the lab enjoys it as one of the few available disinfectants that it is fragrance and dye free, has broad spectrum efficacy, and is an excellent cleaner that leaves very little residual behind. In fact, it is the primary disinfectant the lab has relied upon for daily disinfection of laboratory work surfaces for years.

Not surprisingly, other companies have recognized the value of Vital Oxide formulation for powering their surface disinfection applications. It has been used in steam disinfection systems, electrostatic applicators, carpet cleaning systems, and is under study for use in a number of other exciting and new applications.

As a normal part of incorporation of the Vital Oxide disinfectant into a new system, Microchem Laboratory has conducted a series of confirmatory efficacy studies. Through this process the lab has learned a lot about the technical capabilities of the product and Vital Solutions has realized the benefit of a close relationship with a partnership-focused lab such as Microchem Laboratory.

One of the things Vital Solutions and Microchem Laboratory have in common is a culture of always striving for improvement. Vital Solutions has a bustling, active research and development program aided by Microchem Laboratory seamless and efficient approach to research and development testing.


Vital Solutions’ future is bright thanks to their flagship disinfectant, Vital Oxide. The company can charge confidently forward into new product applications, new formulations, and new microbial kill claims, knowing they have found an excellent microbiological testing facility in Microchem Laboratory.

“Over the years, we have come to rely on Microchem Laboratory as a trusted third party lab providing us with quality GLP testing for EPA regulatory compliance. Working hand in hand with our partners, ATL has continued to deliver critical feedback, from proof of concept to fine tuning R&D formulations, all the while being on time and cost effective.”

“Today, we are just as excited about the future as we were when we first began our collaboration with ATL. With their help we are making a difference, bringing down the rate of Hospital Acquired Infections, and providing families with eco-friendly effective solutions to protect their homes and loved ones.”

James Burnett, President

Vital Solutions, LLC