R-Water is a small business based in San Marcos, TX that specializes in environmentally-friendly disinfectants.  Their mission is to reduce preventable infectious diseases. Their products are generally nonhazardous, and only require a few simple ingredients to make. R-Water’s popular disinfectant, TK60, and powerful cleaner, FC+, have a unique chemistry that is produced on site and ready to use in minutes. Both their disinfectant and cleaner are conveniently made in one of their ready-to-use machines, the TC-RU and the TC-230, and utilizes the chemistry of electrolyzed water. To simply make their products, all you need is pure salt, water, and electricity.


Both the TC-RU and the TC-230 have a unique screen display to inform the user of the different levels of each ingredient at all times and immediately stop making the disinfectant and cleaner if any of the ingredient levels are low. The TC-RU is their compact machine that allows the user to mount the device on any wall, maximizing available space. R-Water’s other device, the TC-230, is a larger model that can be easily moved into any room. Both devices have multiple ports of each substance to allow multiple people to dispense each substance and can dispense up to 6 gallons per minute, making both devices efficient and readily available.

TK60 disinfectant has a dwell time of only 60 seconds, a very competitive contact time compared to traditional disinfectants, which often have contact times ranging from 3-10 minutes. By having a short dwell time, cleaning procedures are shortened, saving valuable time and money. Not only does TK60 have a short contact time, but it can also be used on multiple surfaces including counter tops, flooring, and different types of metals; making it a very versatile disinfectant. TK60 is also safe on food contact surfaces and can be used as a sporicidal, which adds to TK60’s versatility. Since TK60 has nonhazardous ingredients, it is generally not harmful to people, releases no volatile organic compounds into the air, improves air quality, decreases chemical related injuries, and is environmentally friendly.

Alongside TK60, is R-Water’s general purpose cleaner, FC+,that can easily replace most other cleaners based on its versatility. Not only can FC+ be used on hard surfaces, it can also be used on carpets, upholstery, and virtually on any material.


Microchem Laboratory helped R-Water bring this innovative product and disinfectant to market by assisting with careful laboratory testing. Microchem scientists helped R-Water determine different types of screen testing for TK60. By doing so, R-Water obtained valuable information about their disinfectant and saved on money and time. The types of screen testing performed at the lab were germicidal spray test, tuberculocidal rate of kill, germicidal and detergent sanitizing action of disinfectants, and a suspension time kill test. By hand picking different screening methods, TK60’s estimated performance was determined rapidly and cost-effectively, including determination of the lowest supportable contact time.

Once the different screen testing was complete, the next process was to perform various GLP studies to substantiate efficacy claims.  Per EPA rules, R-Water’s device is classified as a pesticide device.  Therefore, the company has latitute to carry out testing as it sees fit.  Nevertheless, Microchem guided R-Water to test according to EPA’s performance criteria for disinfectant claims. Microchem staff’s knowledge about EPA and FDA testing regulations pertaining to disinfectants and helped R-Water to not only understand pertinent laws, but also guide them in obtaining other testing that must be performed, such as toxicology. Microchem performed various GLP tests, such as the AOAC germicidal spray test, in compliance with EPA requirements to help R-Water meet all performance criteria necessary for disinfectant claims. Although most GLP testing takes time to prepare and have the set protocols in place, we performed all their GLP testing as swiftly as possible in order to meet R-Water’s EPA deadline.

Notably, TK60 passed the equivalent tests for EPA-registered, hospital use disinfectants by achieving “disinfection” or total kill on test surfaces.


With Microchem’s guidance and support, R-Water successfully obtained their disinfectant claim and the product is now on the market. We continue to support and guide R-Water in their products even after all testing has been completed and furthermore, have provided them with accurate and reliable information about their disinfectant within a short time frame.