Environmental Monitoring

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Microchem provides a host of environmental monitoring services designed to provide companies that maintain critical or sterile environments with reliable data.

Services include:
At Microchem, Environmental Monitoring means collecting samples from air, water, and surfaces at one point in time or at regular intervals, in order to characterize the microbial population within an environment.

Industries such as medical device manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and cosmetic manufacturing benefit from our environmental monitoring services in many ways. First, using an expert microbiology lab to collect, process, and dispose of microbial samples spares manufacturers from having to maintain and manage such processes internally. Second, it provides valuable third-party objectivity. Third, it enables crisp point-in-time snapshots of microbial populations and reliable long-term trending. Lastly, our consultative approach to testing means the manufacturer has a valuable ally in the event of contamination, available for input on findings and mitigation techniques as desired until the issue is resolved.

Environmental monitoring can also be useful for the marketing of antimicrobial products. Many facilities – particularly those in the healthcare field – like to see the efficacy of the product in real-world situations. Using methods and tools including swabs, direct contact plates, or settling plates, products can be evaluated before and after use in real settings.

The results from all types of environmental monitoring studies can be enhanced using DNA sequencing to identify the specific microorganisms present, enabling precise control with disinfectants, sanitizers, and sporicides, as needed.

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