Microchem Laboratory is knowledgeable with regard to United States antimicrobial regulations and registration requirements.

Company microbiologists gladly share information with customers about EPA and FDA regulations, helping them to select the right test methods and guide their projects to successful completion. Sometimes, however, companies that make antimicrobial devices and chemicals need more advice than the laboratory can comfortably provide. For that reason we gladly share our network of antimicrobial regulatory consultants. Below, we provide information about several regulatory consulting firms.

Our website is also a useful resource. For example, we wrote an article about EPA’s treated article exemption for antimicrobial surfaces, an article about the difference between GLP and GMP testing, and an article about hand sanitizer regulations.

Antimicrobial regulatory consultants are particularly helpful when classification of a device or chemical based on its contents and label claims is not obvious, when companies need federal or state registration paperwork filed, or when regulatory agencies such as EPA or FDA require special data to proceed with registration.

The consulting firms listed below charge fees for the time they spend working on antimicrobial registrations or providing antimicrobial regulatory advice. Most bill by the hour.

Regulatory consulting fees are often well worth it: Good regulatory consultants can help companies avoid unnecessary registrations and other pitfalls. Most importantly, regulatory consultants help to ensure companies are selling their antimicrobial prdoucts in compliance with state and federal laws.

The firms listed below are well known in the antimicrobial industry. We hope they make your project quicker, easier, and more profitable.

Outside of ordinary paid consultation (sometimes we need help, too!), Microchem Laboratory does not have financial arrangements of any kind with the consultants listed.

If your company is interested in initiating a project, we encourage you to call or send us an email. We will be glad to share our initial impressions and do our best to categorize your product from a regulatory perspective. If we are unsure of the best approach with regard to EPA or FDA regulations, we’ll let you know.