SelenBio, Inc is a biotechnology company, with their headquarter in Austin, Texas. SelenBio utilizes its proprietary antimicrobial technology, known as SELDOX®, to prevent bacterial biofilm formation for dental, healthcare, industrial, and consumer applications. SelenBio’s SELDOX® utilizes the power of selenium to prevent and inhibit bacterial biofilm build-up on surfaces that lasts for the lifetime of the substrate.


SelenBio partners with companies seeking to enhance their product effectiveness with the help of their SELDOX® technology to provide antimicrobial protection and biofilm control. SELDOX® is non-toxic and non-leaching and is easily polymerized or applied as a surface coat. SELDOX’s unique formulation is effective at microbial inhibition at extremely low levels and its versatility allows it to be applied to numerous types of materials and surfaces.






SelenBio and their partners have worked collaboratively with Microchem’s Medical Device Efficacy Team, which specializes in treated article testing since 2021. Microchem’s Team of highly trained scientists work side by side with SelenBio to determine the specific tests that would be best suited for their unique products. SELDOX’s versatility has paid off as repeated and thorough laboratory testing has demonstrated its antimicrobial effectiveness time and time again in a wide variety of different materials and applications.


SelenBio’s SELDOX® already has significant success in both human and animal dentistry. SELDOX’s unique technology has been formulated to combat cavities and plaque formation and helps prevent periodontal disease in ourselves and our furry friends. SelenBio’s ambition does not end at the dental industry. SelenBio is working tirelessly with their partners, who are leaders in the healthcare, disinfectant, and material industries, to utilize their SELDOX® technology in numerous applications. Microchem is happy to play a part in the research and development of such critical antimicrobial products.