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 – Preferred Vendors

Myra Stephens – Owner of Beakers & Bottles, Product Development Chemist & Consultant

As a chemist for over 16 years, Myra has extensive experience building analytical laboratories, developing and commercializing over 100 personal and home care products, and transferring over 150 products, including topical OTCs, between manufacturing sites. Myra is a recognized industry leader and celebrated for managing several large lifestyle and personal care brands.

Email: [email protected]

Contact: 904-887-7178

 Perry Romanowski – Industry Voice, Market Blogger

Perry has been a formulator and a cosmetic chemist in the personal care and cosmetic industry for 20 years researching and developing consumer products. Additionally, he has written or edited numerous articles and books, taught continuing education classes for industry scientists, and is the primary author at, a website dedicated to training current and future cosmetic scientists.

Email: [email protected]

 The Regulatory Department

The Regulatory Department is a regulatory consulting firm servicing the cosmetic, food and food supplement industries. Their consulting services include international product registration/notification, Product Information File (PIF) compilation, regulatory review of ingredients, labels, claims, quality control documentation creation/review and resolution of import/export issues. The firm not only services the US, but also covers over 50 international markets.

Scott Taylor – [email protected]

679 E Grovecreek Drive
Pleasant Grove,UT 84062 United States

Phone: 801-754-4443


 LAUNCH Private Label

Mili Suleman – Graphic Design / Marketing / Packaging Design

LAUNCH Private Label, based out of Dallas, Texas and under the leadership of Mili Suleman, offers a unique combination of services – sourcing, development, design, marketing & industry expertise, to help you on your product journey.

Phone: 817-456-6622

Email: [email protected]

Private Label Insider

Private Label Insider is a virtual consulting and membership website created by Melody Bockelman. It is designed to help entrepreneur’s of all sizes create their own product line by offering inside tips and consulting on how to private label, grow, launch and market their products.

Twitter: @privatelabeltip

Sagescript Institute, LLC

Dr. Cindy Jones is a chemist and herbalist that specializes in formulating natural cosmetics. She loves working with new entrepreneurs to make their dreams come true. Sagescript can also get you started with small scale manufacturing or with private label products.

Twitter: @sagescript