Material Compatibilty Soak Test

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In order to make claim that a material is compatible with a specific substance it is always good to have a firm understanding of just how much exposure a material can withstand without any detrimental interactions. At Microchem Laboratory, we can custom tailor a material compatibility soak test to meet the real world application of the material and chemical of the study sponsor’s interest. In the soak test, parameters and exposure cycles are set in order to mimic the real world conditions that a material encounter over the duration of its usage in order to assess compatibility and to allow the sponsor to see if the material can effectively undergo exposure without any detrimental effect.


In the soak test, we fully submerge the material in the test substance for a predetermined amount of time over a number of cycles to ensure the material remains fully compatible over the duration of exposure. The means of assessing the compatibility can be predetermined by the study sponsor, however, you will receive a full report of all observations that were made along the duration of the exposure.


Prior to the initiation of the first cycle of exposure, all materials are weighed, photographed and aesthetic observation are made to set the standard for the original condition of the material. Based on the study sponsor’s specification the weights of the material can be taken intermittently after each cycle or just initial and final weights. Final photographs will be made at the conclusion of the final study cycle and submitted along with the photos from prior to exposure. All unique interactions during the study will also be documented, photographed and will be included in the final study report. Usually a water control is ran with the study for a basis of comparison to the test substances, but is at the discretion of the study sponsor.