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Offering more than 12 years of medical device experience, Lupine Medical knows all the ins and outs of testing medical devices and the path to getting them on the market. Lupine can assist with every step of the way, starting with medical device design and ending with FDA approval. Testing is conducted in-house or sourced to reputable labs that are also experienced and knowledgeable in the testing of medical devices.

The firm focuses on reducing and eliminating two huge issues associated with medical devices: infection and thrombosis. They consider the location and duration of implants in the body, the material and composition of a device, the shape and geometry of an object, the potential for microbial contamination, and many other aspects when advising in the designing and testing of devices to minimize risks and complication to future patients. Their facility has a unique blood testing lab that has specialized and extensive knowledge of medical devices that come in contact with blood or are implanted into the bloodstream.

Often devices and instruments will have unique shapes and designs so that standard testing protocols do not effectively test the instrument. Lupine assists in chosing the best testing method for a device and if no such method exists, a protocol is specially designed so that it tests all the necessary aspects of the device. Lupine is always on top of new regulations and requirements so their advised testing always meets the latest criteria for FDA approval.

Founder and CEO of Lupine Medical: Matt Trebella

Matt founded the company in Bozeman, Montana about 3 years ago but has 13 years of medical device research and development experience himself. He has personal experience with the development of medical devices that deliver antimicrobial agents and saw them through from bench top to commercialization. He has worked on reducing thrombosis related complications associated with implants from both the technology development and testing perspectives.  Since starting Lupine Medical, Matt has helped and consulted for companies of all sizes, start-ups and Fortune 500s alike. Matt and his team can help accelerate the development process of medical devices, saving time and potentially saving lives.