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Stratix Labs makes microbially-stable, pre-inoculated surfaces for antimicrobial testing

Stratix Labs has pioneered a technology that enables microorganisms to be inoculate onto surfaces and remain viable over long periods of time. These surfaces are useful for antimicrobial product developers as a way to enable front-end, directional antimicrobial screening and reduce site-t0-site variability in results. The company also makes products useful in verifying the efficacy of germicidal UV light, as well as for ensuring environmental surface swabbing procedures are reliable.


Mark Mulvahill, Founder & CEO

As Founder and CEO, Mark Mulvahill tackles testing complexities by combining his technical expertise with his astute ability to identify and pursue new opportunities.

Josh Erickson, Founder, President & CTO

Stratix Labs President and CTO, Josh Erickson is a highly decorated microbiologist, renowned for his expertise in inventing and developing novel microbiology products.


ReadyNow test carriers come pre-loaded with microorganisms, including those specified by EPA for “base” antimicrobial claims testing. The inoculated carriers are standardized, stable, and ready immediately for testing. Stratix Labs’ products help make internal R&D testing at small labs faster and easier by cutting out much of the microbial culture acquisition and preparation work. They can also be specified for use in directional testing by contract labs like Microchem.

ReadyNow Solutions:

The technology behind ReadyNow products is truly novel, and is sure to find creative and valuable use within the antimicrobial industry over time. Stratix Labs is shaking up the industry and Microchem is proud to work in partnership with them along the way.

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Recent Articles