R. mucilaginosa

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Rhodotorula mucilaginosa

Structure and Physiology

Rhodotorula mucilaginosa (formerly Rhodotorula rubra) is a saprophytic yeast. A ubiquitious environmental inhabitant, it can be isolated from soil, water, and air samples.

Transmission and Disease

This yeast can be a human pathogen in rare instances and has been responsible for cases of fungal peritonitis, meningitis, and catheter infections in immuno-compromised patients.


R. mucilaginosa has a strong affinity to colonize plastics in human environments, such as medical and manufacturing equipment, which makes it a relevant organism in regard to disinfection.


The bright red carotenoid pigment produced by this organism serves to protect the replication machinery from a distinct wavelength of ultraviolet radiation (UVB).

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R. mucilaginosa

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