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April 2017

This month, Microchem Laboratory attended the 2017 ASTM E35 Committee Meeting held in Toronto, Ontario. Subcommittee E35.15 is responsible for over sixty-seven active ASTM antimicrobial test methods.

A Microchem-Led Aerosol Work Group

Microchem is spearheading the development of an ASTM guide for aerosolizing and sampling biological agents, under the technical leadership of Microchem CEO Dr. Benjamin Tanner and Team Lead Nicholas Garcia. The lab’s experience testing aerosolized microorganisms in its custom-built aerosol test chambers make the project a natural fit.

Problems with Stainless Steel Test Surfaces

A presentation and extensive discussion took place regarding the compatibility of certain liquid disinfectants with stainless steel test surfaces. Companies developing or selling peracetic acid disinfectants should contact the lab promptly to learn about recent findings and method development activity.

Use of Antimicrobials in Building Materials

In March 2017, a white paper was published by Perkins and Wil Architects and the Healthy Building Network questioning the use of antimicrobial agents in building materials. Several arguments were presented by ASTM members supporting the use of antimicrobial agents in building materials to control pathogens.

Sample Size Requirements for Clinical Studies

A presentation was given highlighting the importance of sample sizes for testing pre-operative skin preparations on human subjects. FDA has demonstrated recent interest in ensuring adequate sample sizes.

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Recent Articles