Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) continues to be a national concern since it was first detected in December 2014. According to the CDC, twenty-one U.S. states have been affected, fifteen of which are experiencing outbreaks in poultry. The USDA is reporting over forty-eight million affected birds with an estimated 80% being egg-laying hens.

The poultry and egg industry is experiencing significant losses and the outbreak is proving to be one of the most economically damaging in U.S. history. Consumers have been affected by limited egg supply and higher prices.


No human cases have been reported to date, nor is avian influenza easily transmissible to humans, but those working with domestic poultry or wild birds should take extra disinfection precautions to help reduce risk of infection and prevent further spread of HPAI to uninfected birds.