Enterovirus 68, dubbed “the mystery virus” by the media, has recently caused an unusual spike in respiratory illness related hospitalizations of children in the United States.  Enterovirus 68 is a member of the picornavirus (small-RNA-virus) family.  It is a non-enveloped virus that bears moderate inherent resistance to antimicrobial agents. 

Because no vaccine or antiviral medications are available for EV68, disinfection is essential to minimize the spread of this outbreak.

Enterovirus 68 is no “mystery” to Antimicrobial Test Laboratories!  We recently added it to our diverse collection of viruses so that Study Sponsors can assess their product’s ability to keep it in check. If your company is interested, let us know and we will prepare a quote for this testing.  Demand for testing of the virus is high, and scheduling order is based on request date.