Sherwin-Williams recently announced the launch of an innovative new line of interior paint called Paint Shield, available in early 2016. The patented new technology includes a quaternary ammonium chloride active ingredient found in many consumer disinfectants.  

Hard, non-porous surfaces coated with Paint Shield kill >99.9% of bacteria within two hours and continuously reduce bacteria for up to four years on well maintained surfaces. Paint Shield demonstrated equivalent effectiveness against antibiotic resistant Staphylococci (MRSA) and Enterococci (VRE), two bacteria responsible for hospital acquired infections (HAIs), giving infection control professionals additional resources to combat this growing concern.

Sherwin-Williams’ new Paint Shield technology required rigorous testing using EPA approved protocols prior to registration and marketing in the United States. Antimicrobial Test Laboratories (soon to be called Microchem Laboratory) is the leader in antimicrobial surface testing.  We work collaboratively with customers and consultants throughout the research and development, protocol review and GLP-compliant testing processes.

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