The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Bureau of Consumer Protection recently took legal action on behalf of consumers against two UV-device manufacturers for allegedly violating the FTC Act by making false, misleading and unsubstantiated antimicrobial claims. 


 Stops the spread of germs               Keeps shoes germ free
Kills dust mites and bed bug eggs    Kills Athlete’s Foot fungus
Disinfects drinking water                 Kills highly contagious MRSA

The devices, similar to those above, were sold online, in magazines and by retailers nationwide. In both cases, the FTC argued that insufficient data was available to substantiate advertised claims. The court ruled in favor of the FTC, imposing judgements in excess of $500,000 for false, misleading and deceptive advertising.

Antimicrobial technologies such as UV, bipolar ionization and ozone generating devices often require custom study design and benefit from an experienced testing laboratory. Scientists at Antimicrobial Test Laboratories work collaboratively with customers to design scientifically defensible and cost effective studies that support antimicrobial marketing claims that can help prevent FTC Act violations.