Here are important trends to watch, by category in 2016:


Surface Disinfection

  • UV light will continue its winning streak.  Look for smaller, more specialized devices like the recently patented CleanRemote.
  • Disinfectants generated on-site like TK60 will gain clout with hospitals and other institutions.
  • Surface Compatibility will emerge as a key consideration – pressure to drive down contact times has produced a slew of harsh disinfectants.

Medical Devices

  • Antimicrobial drug-device combinations will expand.
  • Pressure on old cleaning/disinfection validation studies will be applied via updated FDA standards.
  • Companies that make automated endoscope reprocessors will continue to exert increasing control over the high-level disinfectant market.

Personal Care Products

  • Effective blends of consumer-preferable preservatives will continue to gain popularity.
  • Small-sized companies will apply even more pressure to established brands.
  • Successful cosmetic companies will grow faster than ever, like Honest Co.