The CDC recently classified Zika virus infections and Zika virus congenital (fetal) infections as nationally notifiable conditions.  A total of 591 travel-associated cases have been reported across forty-nine U.S. states and territories with several reported cases in Puerto Rico, America Samoa and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Zika virus is primarily transmitted by the Aedes mosquito, although cases have been linked to human bodily fluid exposure.  The EPA’s current focus is interruption of viral transmission through prudent use of registered repellents, insecticides and larvicides.  Due to the lack of evidence of Zika virus surface transmission, the agency is not allowing Zika virus claims for registered, traditional disinfectants at this time. Due to differences in regulations, antimicrobial devices may be able to claim effectiveness against Zika virus if appropriate supporting data is generated.

Microchem Laboratory has acquired and successfully propagated Zika virus. The lab now offers Zika virus testing for evaluation of antimicrobial devices, chemicals, and consumer products using test methods including the following:

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