Ann Acuff, B.S.

Ann Acuff, B.S.

Team Lead

Ann Acuff is the Cosmetic and Challenge Testing Team Lead. Originally from Bay City, Texas, Ann holds a Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology from The University of Texas at Austin and has 20+ years of experience in an FDA-regulated laboratory prior to coming to Microchem.

As the Cosmetics Team Lead, Ann manages routine and custom testing to ensure personal care products have strong preservative systems in place and are safe for end-use. With the extensive knowledge Ann has in her field, she contributes greatly to our lab and company culture.

Ann, what does ‘Science for Good’ mean to you?

I like to think of it as “doing good science for good.” Good science is repeatable, defensible, and logical. That’s the way we design studies for our sponsors who are developing new and innovative personal care products. Good, solid science in the lab keeps consumers safe.

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