Krystal Rodenbeck, B.S.

Krystal Rodenbeck, B.S.

Team Lead

Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Krystal Rodenbeck is a true Austinite. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Bioenvironmental Sciences with a minor in Genetics from Texas A&M University College Station. Before joining the Microchem team, Krystal worked in several diagnostic laboratories for animals, from animal necropsy at Texas A&M Vet Medical Diagnostic Lab to the rabies dept at DSHS. With her vast laboratory experience, Krystal is widely familiar with FDA, CLIA, and AATB (American Association of Tissue Banks) regulatory bodies.

Krystal continues to provide Microchem with insights on regulatory lab procedures and as the Quality Assurance Team Lead, she leads and supervises a team of quality assurance personnel, ensuring that the facilities, equipment, personnel, methods, practices, records, and controls are in conformance with the facility Quality Management System and the pertinent regulations

Krystal, what does ‘Science for Good’ mean to you?

“Each of us has a role to play in ensuring that the work we do is the best and utmost quality, from the laboratory to the desk, and the high standards of Microchem ensure the expedient availability and proven reliability of products that go on to improve life on Earth in a multitude of ways, mostly through the prevention of disease. Having a small part of that is rewarding.”