Madhuri Patil, M.S.

Team Lead

Madhuri Patil is our Custom Team Lead. She holds a master’s degree in biotechnology and management studies from University of Mumbai, India. Known for her calm demeanor and technical proficiency, Madhuri not only contributes to the success of Microchem but she also plays a crucial role in steering various projects to completion. With her diverse skill set, she seamlessly transitioned to a team lead role during her tenure at the company.

In her current role as Custom Team Lead, Madhuri oversees novel testing for custom methods and devices. Her expertise in virology adds a unique dimension to her leadership, allowing her to navigate the complexities of custom testing with ease. Beyond her individual accomplishments, Madhuri plays an instrumental role in guiding her team towards excellence.

Madhuri, what does ‘Science for Good’ mean to you?

“To me, ‘Science for Good’ means performing quality research which is reliable and reproducible with the intention of helping the world.”