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Microchem Laboratory Provides, Fast, Reliable, Identification of Unknown Bacterial and Fungal Isolates for a Broad Range of Industries

The accurate identification of unknown environmental bacteria and fungi is paramount to a variety of industries. Microbial identification is required for the qualification and active monitoring of pharmaceutical manufacturing environments and cleanrooms. Contaminants responsible for food spoilage or cosmetic degradation can be better targeted and sources better identified once the microbe is known. Classical microbiological methods – including culturing of microorganisms and chemical staining and microscopic observation – can suggest the identity of some species, but these processes can be time-consuming and inaccurate. Modern biochemical methods allow for precise and reliable identification to the genus and species level.

For microbial identification, the gold standard method is comparative gene sequence analysis of ribosomal DNA (rDNA) – specifically, the 16S ribosomal RNA gene for bacteria or the LSU D2 region for fungi. The comparative gene sequence analysis of ribosomal DNA (rDNA) has been shown to have the highest accuracy of microbial identification system technologies, reliably used for over a decade. Microchem uses the MicroSEQ ID microbial identification system for comparative rDNA sequencing, a proven method for rapid and accurate microbial identification with a library of over 20,000 validated species.

Microchem Laboratory identifies unknown microorganisms using a state-of-the-art DNA sequencer with MicroSeq ID identification of isolates. If your company has a sample suspected of containing a contaminant or an isolated contaminant in need of ID, simply contact us for a quote.  Turnaround for this service is rapid, prices are affordable, and results are reliable.

Samples for identification can be provided as swabs, raw materials, liquid samples, pre-exposed agar plates, or isolated agar plates. Contact us today to learn more about our Microbial Identification services or to request a price quote.

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