Mechanical Abrasion Test

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Mechanical Abrasion Test: Procedure at a Glance

In the standardized testing of surfaces with real-world applications it is important not to lose sight of the real-world conditions these surfaces will face. At Microchem Laboratory, the mechanical abrasion test seeks to recreate the cleaning conditions that materials will see on a day-to-day basis in order to ensure a practical level of compatibility with disinfectants and other chemicals the surface will come in contact with.

Similar to the soak test for material compatibility, a mechanical abrasion test featues the same exposure to test substance (either total submersion or a single surface) in a prescribed length of time over a prescribed number of cycles. Where this method differs is in the incorporation of a standardized mechanical abrasion following the completion of a cycle. By wiping the surface with a wipe texture or composition that the surface will routinely be exposed to in its use, we can better ensure real-world compatibility.


Prior to beginning the test, all surfaces are photographed and weighed. Aesthetic observations are made after cycle completion throughout the procedure. Photographs and weight measurements are made at the end of the test and may also be requested between exposure cycles. A water control can be run alongside the tested substances for comparison.

Mechanical Abrasion Test: Microchem Laboratory’s Expertise

Microchem Laboratory has a record of performing this procedure in a timely and reproducible fashion. This test offers conclusions regarding the compatibility of a material and chemicals it will be forced to withstand in its everyday use.