Testing the efficacy of antimicrobial formulations for EPA registration can be strenuous, but Microchem is here to help.

Below are ten tips for EPA efficacy testing, sourced directly from our team of expert microbiologists and project managers.

  1. Have discussions with regulatory consultants up front. EPA is a hard “No” on certain claims and hungry for expensive data for some actives and applications. Make sure a finish line exists for your project before starting the race.
  2. Determine a neutralization scheme that works. Neutralization “stops the clock” on the contact time and must be proven in testing. Finding the right neutralizer may take time and should be a first step.
  3. Screen on difficult-to-kill microorganisms. Killing the tough microbe you need for registration at the contact time your consumers require is a must, so test it first!
  4. Use industry standard tests for standard claims. Efficacy studies must be what EPA expects, or standard claims may be rejected.
  5. Test “gateway” microorganisms first. EPA generally requires evidence of efficacy against certain bacteria before claims are made against other microbes, including emerging pathogens.
  6. Engage with the EPA prior to testing for novel claims. EPA is open to certain novel claims, but they’ll want to review your proposed study design first.
  7. Understand the commercial burden of antimicrobial pesticide registration. Registering a disinfectant or sanitizer is a costly, time-consuming process with uncertainty of success and recurring costs.
  8. Work with a lab that’s on your team. Problems and technical challenges may arise during test campaigns. Work with a lab you trust to be honest and forthcoming. It will expedite solutions and save stress.
  9. Stay up to date on important regulatory and industry changes. Sign up for our newsletter to get the latest industry updates.
  10. Stay ahead of the curve in getting claims against emerging pathogens. Emerging pathogens like SARS-CoV-2, MRSA, and C. difficile drive product sales, and outbreaks drive consumer interest in disinfection in general.

With the right guidance, navigating testing can be a seamless experience. Reach out to one of our microbiologists today to get started on your next study: [email protected].