The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a new Guidance on “Absence of an Ingredient” Claims Associated with Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA)-Regulated Products.

The guidance outlines a framework for using “absence of ingredient” and “free from” labeling on products.

The guidance follows the ongoing industry discussion surrounding consumer perceptions of these claims, particularly whether “absence of” claims might induce fear of the respective ingredient or be intentionally misleading to consumers.

Key Topics

  • EPA is concerned that consumers may draw safety claims from “free from” statement labeling.
  • A product should not claim “absence of ingredient” if the ingredient was not reasonably expected to be present in the first place.
  • EPA permits “fragrance-free” claims if the product is odorless (or nearly odorless) and does not contain an odor-masking ingredient.
  • EPA believes “absence of bleach” claims are not misleading when used to help consumers make informed decisions when purchasing products for their intended purpose.
  • “Absence of DEET” claims that are not misleading must be followed by an asterisk with a claim like the following “Not a safety claim.”

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