Meeting Re-Cap: R.A.M.C (SIMB)

The Society for Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology (SIMB) recently convened a bi-annual meeting, “Recent Advances in Microbial Control,” in San Francisco, California. The meeting ran from November 9-12 and covered a broad range of topics.  Antimicrobial Test Laboratories attended the conference.  The following presentations were particularly informative:

  • Changing Needs and Treatment Strategies for Microbial Control in Oil and Gas Operations (Terry Williams, Dow Chemical Company).
  • Microbial Control with UV in a Healthcare Setting (Thomas Fahlen, Clorox).
  • Microbial Detection and Control on the International Space Station (Sarah Castro, NASA).
  • Use of a New ASTM Test Standard for the Assessment of a Bi-compnonent Carpet Sanitizer (Daniel Price, Interface Research).
  • Use of a Protozoal Predator of Legionella in Evaporative Cooling Systems (F. Plasson, France).
  • Evaluating Anti-Biofilm Products Formulated to Clean Surfaces (D. Goeres, Montana State University).

The meeting was attended by approximately 100 microbiologists from industry and academia.  It covered a broad range of applications for antimicrobial technologies, ranging from food to oil production.  Keynote speakers included James Miller (Micronanosun), Gregory Bradley (Dow Chemical Company) and Charles Banforth (UC Davis).