January 2023

Microchem unveils new lab facility

The new 46,110 square foot facility, located in a suburb of Austin, Texas, doubles the amount of lab space, quadruples the amount of staff and activity space, and boasts cutting-edge equipment and technology. The building also gives each discipline its own area.

Microchem’s new facility is a major advancement for the life sciences industry in Austin and the antimicrobial industry as a whole.

The development follows increased demand for R&D and claims testing. The new facility is anticipated to provide Microchem’s clients with services and testing not available elsewhere. As antimicrobial technologies evolve, Microchem is well positioned to support innovators with Science for Good.

Message from Dr. Tanner, CEO and President:

“Microchem’s new space reflects its long-term commitment to its staff and the industries it serves, including antimicrobials, cosmetics, and medical devices. We are thrilled to share this new development with our clients and community.”

Bright future for Microchem and its clients.

The new facility was built around Microchem’s unique business model that connects its scientists directly to the clients it serves. In keeping with that model, the building provides ample meeting and conference space, as well as private rooms for clients to use while on site to observe or audit studies. In the laboratories, clients will be side-by-side with expert Analysts specific to their industry, working in a space outfitted just for that type of testing. Clients from the disinfectant, antimicrobial device, cosmetics, and medical device industries will all find they have a home at Microchem.

About Microchem

Located in the greater Austin, Texas area, Microchem Laboratory specializes in the testing of disinfectants, sanitizers, antimicrobial devices, medical devices, and personal care products. Owned and operated by microbiologist Dr. Benjamin Tanner, the core of the company was founded as Antimicrobial Test Laboratories in 2006. Antimicrobial Test Laboratories was later combined with a niche cosmetic testing lab and Microchem Laboratory, founded in 1988 by Dr. Norman Miner. The combined labs have operated under one roof as Microchem Laboratory since 2016. Microchem Laboratory is ISO 17025 accredited and offers testing in compliance with current Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) regulations as stipulated by EPA and FDA.