March 2023

March 11th marks 3 years since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a global pandemic.

The recent pandemic was a defining moment for our world, impacting not just our daily lives but also the way we approach science and innovation.

As we reflect on this challenging time, it’s important to also recognize the remarkable scientific progress that has been made in response to the outbreak.

From developing new cleaning and disinfectant products to creating breakthrough protocols, treatments and vaccines, antimicrobial innovators were pushed to the forefront of scientific discovery.

It is an honor to work alongside our sponsors, bringing new inventions from initial lab testing to store shelves. By conducting R&D, testing human coronavirusbioaerosols, and virucidal efficacy claims, our lab ensures consumer products designed to fight the next pandemic are reliable and effective.

Whether we are aiding product development and testing or navigating regulatory compliance and market launch, we are committed to providing the support and expertise our sponsors need to succeed.