Most of our clients are familiar with standardized in vitro studies, such as those required by EPA and FDA, but what if a company wants to know how their chemistry or device performs in a real use setting?

When effectiveness in “real life” is of interest, we recommend environmental swab studies.

Microchem makes the process easy by assisting with study design, providing swabbing kits and instructions, and applying years of microbiology experience to each project.

Swab Study Steps:
  1. Sterile swabbing study provided.
  2. Instructions given.
  3. Swabs returned to the lab on ice.
  4. Results tabulated.

After the study is complete, companies often wish to submit the research to peer-reviewed journals.  Microchem is glad to provide the “materials and methods” section and make suggested changes during peer-review.  Over the years, the lab has published a great number of peer-reviewed research articles, many from environmental swab studies.