Last month, scientists from Antimicrobial Test Laboratories attended the 11th Antimicrobial Workshop in Arlington, Virginia.  The meeting covered several subjects, focusing on the following:

  • EPA “Quat” Data Call-In (DCI) Status and Issues
  • EPA Electronic Data Submission Process
  • EPA/FDA Dual Jurisdictional Issues
  • Product Performance Guidelines (810s) Update

EPA’s DCI for quaternary ammonium compounds continues to unfold, prompting numerous questions from affected companies regarding data requirements, claims and use patterns. EPA recommends updating all contact information and acknowledging receipt of emails. Regulatory consultants can also help guide companies through the process.

EPA continues to encourage the use of the electronic “CD” submission process as capabilities are explored to modernize this process to become 100% web-based.

EPA and FDA are making progress on dual jurisdiction registrations for pesticides intended for use on produce. FDA has posted a decision tree to help determine the appropriate regulating authority.

The “810 series” guidelines are the EPA’s summary of required efficacy tests for antimicrobial products. EPA anticipates releasing updated versions of 810.2000-2200 for comment and review in late 2015.  These documents cover general considerations, sterilants and disinfectants.