Hillary Johnson, M.S.

Hillary Johnson serves as Team Lead for Disinfectant and Sanitizer Testing at Microchem.  She holds a M.S. in Clinical Molecular Genetics from Northern Michigan University and a B.S. degree in Microbiology from Texas State University. 

Hillary grew up in a military family, but settled in Texas in 2001 and now considers herself a proud Texan. Coming to Microchem with a background in GMP and clinical laboratory quality assurance, her career at Microchem started in January of 2019 as a Quality Assurance Specialist before being promoted to the Team Lead of Disinfectants and Sanitizers in September 2019. In her time at Microchem Hillary has greatly enjoyed watching the company and her team grow. With her quality background, she strives to ensure that all studies meet her high level of expectations and is focused on the continued growth and development of the Disinfectants and Sanitizers team.

To contact Hillary, please email her at hillary@microchemlab.com

Hillary, what does 'Science for Good' mean to you?

"'Science for Good' means performing each test with the highest level of scientific integrity and attention to detail to ensure new products meeting the EPA's high standards for performance criteria are able to reach consumers as quickly as possible to help prevent the spread of pathogens."

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